Sunday, 25 October 2015

The next Steve Jobs comes to Watford.

When an old Watford student takes time out to visit the course, it is lovely. 

When an old Watford student who is an advertising genius with tons of advertising awards visits the course, it is beautiful.

Sam Oliver, with Shish Patel, won The Student Team Of The Year Award in 1999. 

Since graduating, Sam and Shish have created some outstanding advertising campaigns at Ogilvy,  DDB, W&K and BBH.

Recently, Sam Oliver was offered the best creative job in the world after mine. 

He was asked by Apple to be The Number One Creative Guru on Iphone at Apple's HQ in Palo Alto, California. 

He said 'yes' to this job.

Before leaving for the US, humble Uncle Sam, as his 1999 classmates named him,  popped in to Watford to see the newbies and to have a hug with his old course tutor. 

Sam gave a pep talk, (inspiring). 
He ran tutorials for the students, (amazing). 
And had lunch with me, (stomach churning).

Sam with the Watford students.

Sam was inducted into THE WATFORD HALL OF FAME and was presented with the highest possible accolade I could give: The Course Gnome.

Eric, The Course Gnome will be flying out to the U.S. and Sam has promised to put Eric on his desk to remind him of his humble beginnings as a student on the Watford Creative Ad Course.  

Good luck Uncle Sam Oliver. We love you.

Sam with me and Eric, The Course Gnome.

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  1. Looking forward to seeing more gnomes in the future (and maybe possibly my own)