Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Watford alumni dominate Christmas campaigns..

The naughty creative elves, who once worked in the grotto of the Watford Ad School, have been busy making media mischief. 
Happy Christmas to you all. TC.

              Written by Steph Ellis (with Rory Hall) class of 2010.

    Written by Laurent Simon and Aidan McClure. Class of 2003.

Written by Milo Carter and Sophie Knox class of 2009 and 2010.

Written by Colin Smith and Angus Vine, and creative directed by Jim Bolton. All Watford.

                    Written by Nic Wood and Andy Forrest Class of 2003

                 Written and directed by Tim McNaughton class of 1999.

Creative directed by Adam Scholes class of a helluva long time ago in the days when I had a full set of teeth and my hair was 9.6 on the cumulus cloud scale.

Written by Sam Bishop and Mike Eichler class of 2009.

Written by Dan Delhavi and Drew Haselhurst class of 2013.

Written by Anna Carpen class of 2010.

And one Christmas ad that isn't Christmassy by Gareth and Martin class of 2013

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