Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Work ethic.

August Bank Holiday Monday was a lovely day. 

Many were out in Soho and enjoying the late summer sunshine and a well deserved break from work. 

I found myself walking down Kingly Street toward the offices of BBH.

Outside the agency was ex-Watford and BBH creative, Sara Sutherland.

"What are you doing here?", I asked.

"Working on briefs. There are more ex-Watfords in the agency today. Come on up", she replied.

I went up to the creative department  and found five of my ex- students toiling away. 

Dan Delhavi, Drew Haselhurst, Ash Hamilton, Lance Boreham and Sara were putting in some extra hours.

There were the only creatives in the whole building. 

In fact, save for the security guards, they were the only people in the whole building. 

"Have you all been summoned to come in today?", I enquired.

A resounding "NO" came from all five.

When you have a brilliant job that offers brilliant opportunities and you are building your career you do what it takes to get on. 

Sometimes, that means working voluntarily on a Bank Holiday.

No wonder so many  ex-Watford students get to the top of this crazy business.

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