Monday, 23 January 2017


Six months ago I kicked out 15 talented young creatives from my

They didn't want to leave.

They wanted to stay another year and look after the college cat.

The fact that we didn't have a college cat was a sign they definitely needed to get out in to the real world.

I asked the teams to do two things.

One: get in the business.
Two. make it better.

They have done the first part.

Now for the fun bit.

George Robb at RKCR/Y&R.

Bryn Jones-Walters and Olivia Adda have already won an award whilst working at Mother. They are now gainfully employed by Crispin Porter.

Chaz and Lucy, the cheeky girls, were hired by AMV after joining straight from Watford.

Charlie and Max cracking out the campaigns for Grey. Nice flowers.

Sarah and Jules (in the black coats) are gainfully employed by The BBC. 

Connor and Charlie were hired at Karmarama after a spell at Y&R.

Tom and Dave fought their way to a job at VCCP.

 Dan Scott, currently at Duke. With JWT and Isobel lined up.

Mel Mcginnis was last seen working at Engine.

Well done to everyone from me.

And the college cat says, 'meow' by the way.

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