Friday, 31 March 2017

Apple to launch world's first vegetarian phone.

It's long been known that animal fats are used in the manufacture of mobile phones. The lining of cow's intestines is used to insulate the circuit board which improves  the connectivity of the electrical impulses.

In fact, Apple have used cow guts to pre-coat their wiring and to improve insulation since 1994.

However, due to recent pressure from animal rights groups in the US,  Apple have decided  to launch the first vegetarian phone. 

The Vphone8.

Apple technologists at Palo Alto, California have successfully
found a substitute for cow's innards. The humble potato. 

You may recall a primary school experiment where a potato was used as a battery cell to charge a small bulb. 

In Apple's labs the potato proved to be far better than animal fat at transmitting electrical impulses.

Vegetarian groups are delighted by Apple's new socially conscious direction. 

The company will eventually roll out vegetarian lap tops and Ipads by 2020. 

Under new legislation the mobile phone industry is to adopt ingredient labeling similar to the food industry.

Samsung for example, have 0.004% animal products in all their Nexus range.

The Vphone8 will be launched on 21/11//2017 in all Apple stores and in the vegetable section (next to the carrots) of all major supermarkets.

A limited edition Vphone 8, with potato peel casing designed by the Japanese artist Olaf Pirlo, can be seen here for the first time on Youtuber.

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