Wednesday, 30 August 2017


This was our 8th year of touring the course. We had a wonderful time, learned loads and contributed some cool ideas for our hosts  and their clients along the way.
Agencies that gave us toast, coffee, a barrel full of briefs for a week and placements were:
Leo Burnett, Saatchis, BBH, Mother, Google, Grey, RKCR Y&R, CHI, VCCP, AMV, WCRS, BBC, McCann, Karmarama,  Joint and Adam and Eve/DDB. Thank you. TC.

BBC week.

                          BBC 1. 9.30am Papa's got a brand new BBC bag

BBC 2. 1.00pm   Celebrity Stalking.

                                       BBC3. 3.00pm The Day Of The Pods.

                     BBC4. 7.30pm  Dr Who's that girl being weird.

                    BBC 6. Holly gets her work critiqued by a Dalek

                                        Campaign carpeting at Leo Burnetts.

             Martin Reed, George Robb and Alice Burton with Lucy and Grace at Y&R.

 George Robb and Alice Burton try to find their way back to their desk without stepping on a great ad.

                                 With Caroline Pay at The Festival Hall.

 Jez Tribe Creative Director at AMV runs through the Book In A Week ideas.

 AMV's Jez and Prabs CDs  with Oli and Josie with the Watford Winners Lucy and Grace.

 In the WCRS boardroom with Creative Directors Orlando and Olly.

                       Ash and Sara judge the work at BBH.

                  Dickie Connell ECD and Ex Watfordian surveys the                                                work at Karmarama.

Google was an intense week. We worked on social issues and launched a new computer game which is designed to boost the social skills and confidence of teenage boys.

 Graeme Hall CD at Google Labs with Emma Durgan writer give feedback to the group,

 The ever so lovely brilliant amazing Janay Sor with the wattford teams.

  Google, Watford and an old man who likes walking on his knees.

Last day of the course, at Mother with the incredibly supportive Ben Heap.

The Radio Centre wasn't part of our Tour but I just had to include this wonderful group shot. A great morning hosted by the amazingly radio passionate Clare Bowen.

Some out takes.

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